Theia Friestedt

I started practicing classical ballet at age seven and became a certified ballet instructor and choreographer shortly before entering law school. For four years, I ran my own ballet studio teaching girls ages 4-12. Upon joining the demanding world of mergers & acquisitions, I made time to decompress and have fun by attending all sorts of classes at fitness centers, from step to cardio kickboxing to strength. I took my first yoga class in 2006 while attending a business trip, and from there started practicing Vinyasa and Bikram yoga several times a week.

I had been a recreational cyclist from childhood, but it was when my husband Drew gave me my first road bike for our anniversary that I completely feel in love with cycling. A few months later I joined a local club, hired a cycling coach, and my life was transformed. At first I started riding twice a week, one hour at a time. I continued to build strength and endurance, and 7 months later completed my first Imperial Century in 4 hours and 49 minutes.

Fast forward to today… I got my USA Cycling Coach certification and TRX certification. My current routine involves riding on average 14,000 miles a year, including races, camps and long endurance events. I also focus on strength training to provide strength, stability and mobility for cyclists.

I am an active member of the cycling community in Zwift, and lead rides and races for Team ODZ and weekly workouts for Zwift Academy. I have recently competed at the CVR World Cup in Paris.

The best part of it all is being able to share my passion and knowledge of cycling with other athletes!