Calming the Muscles

There are many vitamins and minerals that benefit endurance athletes, but the one mineral that has made a noticeable difference in my active life is magnesium. The effects were immediate:

  • I feel calm and sleep better when I take magnesium in the evening – this is particularly important to me the night before a cycling event
  • I am able to better empty my bowels in the morning upon waking up
  • I seem to recover faster from workouts

A lot of research has been published on the topic, and I will not get into those. What I am offering here is evidence from my own experience. Magnesium even helps me sleep well in hotel rooms during business trips.

Magnesium Supplement

It is fairly “easy” to consume magnesium through a regular, balanced diet. However, consistent hours of training can quickly deplete levels in the body, requiring supplementation.

I started taking a supplement in powder form (ionic citrate) at the recommendation of a sports dietician. An organic, good quality supplement is the Calm (you can get it at Amazon or Whole Foods). I particularly like the raspberry lemon flavor. I take a tablespoon of this magnesium supplement in the morning and evening. Others may need more or less – you can adjust dosage depending on how your body reacts and/or how strenuous your training is in a given day or week.

One should always consult with their doctor or dietician before taking a supplement, especially if they have health concerns. However, I encourage you to look into magnesium – you too might find it beneficial.


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Theia is a licensed professional USA Cycling Level 3 coach with Vision Quest, and coaches athletes from all over the country. A life-long lover of all forms of exercise and dance, she became a certified ballet instructor shortly before entering law school, and discovered her passion for cycling when she got her first road bike from her husband Drew on their wedding anniversary. Theia is also an active member of the cycling community in Zwift, and leads a ladies’ race series for Team ODZ and weekly workouts for Zwift Academy. In addition to coaching, Theia can be found enjoying daily rides and participating in races, long endurance events, and cycling camps.