Pre-ride Notes

Wednesday I generally ride submax in one to three hours durations.  Today my legs are still feeling tired, so I took it easy today.

Workout Description

Strength Training – 45 Minutes

3 Sets
1:45 Plank
0:45 Side Plank Both Sides
20 Glute Bridges
10 Double Leg Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
10 Single Leg Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
(4) 10 Band Shuffles
20 Bent Over Dumbbell Row
20 Squats with 20lb weight
30 Lunges Alternating Sides with 15lb weight
25 Pushups

Submax Cycle – 1 hour

Workout Results

Nothing earth shattering to report.  Strength training and submax completed as expected.  HR felt good around 150bpm at 250 watts.  I’m hoping to push this limit up to 260 watts by years end.

Training Peaks File