Cycling topics discussed this week

Want to know how to become an efficient cyclist and a great climber? Watch the video on this post and and see below links for additional resources:

Send me your comments or requests for future topics. Read about last week’s topics here. Hope to see you on future rides every Monday on Zwift! If you are/were not able to join, watch the webcast live or replay on Facebook or by clicking on the video above.


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Theia is a licensed professional USA Cycling Level 3 coach with Vision Quest, and coaches athletes from all over the country. A life-long lover of all forms of exercise and dance, she became a certified ballet instructor shortly before entering law school, and discovered her passion for cycling when she got her first road bike from her husband Drew on their wedding anniversary. Theia is also an active member of the cycling community in Zwift, and leads a ladies’ race series for Team ODZ and weekly workouts for Zwift Academy. In addition to coaching, Theia can be found enjoying daily rides and participating in races, long endurance events, and cycling camps.