Zwift How to Unlock the Tron Concept Bike


What is the tron bike?

If you ride on Zwift, you have probably seen the cool looking bike with glowing wheels. This bike is called “Concept Z1” and is usually referred to as the Zwift “tron bike”. It’s the ultimate customization for your avatar, it’s FAST, and it’s a testament to your climbing abilities!

How do I get it?

To get the tron bike, you have to complete the Mt. Everest challenge in Zwift. Watch this 90 second video to see how to join the challenge and earn yours!

The numbers can be intimidating at first, but you don’t have to turn every Zwift session into a climbing sufferfest. Simply join the challenge and let the miles accumulate as you naturally ride the hills and mountains in any of the Zwift courses. You will have the tron bike before you know it!

Have fun!

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Theia is a licensed professional USA Cycling Level 3 coach with Vision Quest, and coaches athletes from all over the country. A life-long lover of all forms of exercise and dance, she became a certified ballet instructor shortly before entering law school, and discovered her passion for cycling when she got her first road bike from her husband Drew on their wedding anniversary. Theia is also an active member of the cycling community in Zwift, and leads a ladies’ race series for Team ODZ and weekly workouts for Zwift Academy. In addition to coaching, Theia can be found enjoying daily rides and participating in races, long endurance events, and cycling camps.