Zwift Promo Code to Wear a Custom Jersey


Zwift Promo Code – An Introduction

zwift promo code image of riders from front
Theia Friestedt in Green Jersey on Zwift Island

As a rider in Zwift you can customize the look of your avatar by changing things like your kit (jersey), bike (including the tron bike), wheels, skin tone, helmet and sunglasses.  As you progress through the levels in Zwift, by riding more and more miles, you unlock various bikes, jerseys, and wheels.  However, a rider can access certain promotional jerseys, regardless of level, by simply typing in a promo code.  Once the user enters the Zwift promo code for a given jersey, that jersey becomes automatically available every time the user logs in under the avatar customization options.

Once a jersey is in your wardrobe it will stay there unless it has an expiration date.  For example, the Jaguar / Pinarello jersey and bike combination (Code: JAGUAR) had an expiration date of June 21st and it’s no longer available.

Zwift Promo Code – How to Unlock a Custom Jersey?

Watch this quick video of how to change your jersey. First, you must be logged into the Zwift application on your computer or iOS device.  Next, type the letter “p” while riding or while customizing your settings.  A window will pop up asking for a Promo Code.  Here, you type in a promo code of the jersey you want to wear.  You can find a list below of available codes.

Type the letter “p” while riding to enter a promo code to change your jersey.

Zwift Exclusive Jerseys

Certain jerseys on Zwift are not accessible by the public.

Certain jerseys on Zwift are no accessible by the public.  For example, Jens Voigt can be seen wearing the Trek Factory team jersey.  Pro cyclist Lawson Craddock wears the team jersey for Cannondale–Drapac.  These jerseys are reserved for the riders who wear them in real life.  Zwifters cannot type in a promo code to access exclusive jerseys.  It helps the general public notice the pros on course, which is cool for us, but maybe not so cool for the pros trying to field questions while hammering out intervals.

Zwift Promo Codes

wdt_IDJersey NameDescriptionPromo Code
1AlienwareDell Alienware Jerseygoalienware
2Amgen Tour of California 2015Amgen Tour of California 2015 Jerseyatoc2015
3Amgen Tour of California 2016Amgen Tour of California 2016 Jerseygoamgentoc
4BattenkillCelebration of the Battenkill 2015 US ridegobattenkill
5Bicycling MagOfficial Bicycling Magazine Jerseybicyclingmag
6Bike & BeerExactly what the jersey says.bikeandbeer
7Bike RadarOfficial Bike Radar Jerseybikeradar
8Canbera CCCanbera Cycling Club Jerseycanberracckit
9Century KitEarned by riding 100 miles continuously in Zwift
10Century Road Club Association (CRCA)Century Road Club Association Jerseycrcanyc


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